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The Blues Is Alive And Well!

  Over the last years, I have seen the Blues played in many different places-from Jeff Kline's cozy gallery in Lambertville to a riverboat out of Bristol to the large banquet hall of the Roman Hall in Trenton. We are fortunate to have so many great local blues performers and venues that give them the chance to play. Check out the Venues Link to see where the area's blues musicians are playing.

   From the acoustic blues of Richard Ray Farrell and Steve Guyger to the electric blues of  Joe Zook and Paul Plumeri, there's something for everyone. I encourage you to not only go out and see your favorite band, but to check out the other blues performers as well. Check out the Musicians Link to see where the performers are playing.

    Besides going out to see the performers, you can also support them by purchasing their music. TrentonBlues is pleased to offer CDs and DVDs put out by various local bands. Check out the Merchandise Link

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The TrentonBlues CD-"Must Be Somethin' In The Water"- is now available! 17 songs from your favorite Blues performers all on 1 CD! Click HERE to hear samples of each song.  Click HERE to purchase the CD.
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