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   TrentonBlues is dedicated to the promotion of the blues scene in the Central Jersey and Bucks County area. Through the TrentonBlues website and newsletter, blues fans are informed of the various local blues performers and where they play. Events, concerts and festivals featuring local, regional and national performers are also promoted.


   The TrentonBlues website was started in April 2006 and by September 2006 was up to several hundred hits per month. The TrentonBlues website, in addition to the above, also has lists of music and books that people have been listening to or reading, links to other blues websites such as magazines and record companies and links to broadcast radio stations and Internet sites that play the blues. CDs from local blues performers are offered for sale. 


   The TrentonBlues newsletter is published once a month. It has information about any promotions or discounts that may be available, special events, news, comments, etc. People subscribe through the website or by signing up in person. It is now emailed to over 500 subscribers.


  The following are some comments about the website and newsletter.


·        Thanks for helping to keep the Blues alive. 

            is terrific

            information available to the community.  Keep up the good work!



  Check out the websites listed above on the left. If you would like more information about TrentonBlues or care to discuss it with me, fell free to contact me at the phone number or email address above.